Dreamforce 2013

Dreamforce is happening right now as you read this, Nov. 18 – Nov. 21, and my journey this year has been rather unique.

At this years Dreamforce I have the opportunity to speak on Salesforce communities alongside Yale University (since I am posting this from my iPad I will upload the slide deck that I used tonight), this opportunity ended up being more work than I had initially thought it would be. In order to speak on communities it meant we had to build the communities system in 6 weeks since we had agreed to do a live demo… I would like to say that the reason this was possible is because of how intelligent I am, but truth of the matter is, I have a great team of developers that along with how easy Salesforce has made communities, we were actually able to pull it off. Additional posts on what I learned about communities is to follow.

Apart from speaking at this years conference, a lot was announced that I felt would be advantageous to mention in this post (since it is focused on Dreamforce) the first big announcement that is a huge game changer is the release of the Salesforce One mobile app.
This app enables end users to actually be completely mobile while using Salesforce essentially putting the power of the Salesforce platform in the palm of a users hand. In conjunction with Salesforce One app, the SalesforceA app was released as well, SalesforceA is a mobile app that is for Administrator focused. SalesforceA differs because you can actually manage users through the app, in my opinion one of the most beautiful apps that has been made yet. Some additional key announcements would include the changes to the service console, adding the feed layout to all objects in Salesforce, further opening of the Salesforce API’s are among some of my most favorite things to this point.

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