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Salesforce Admin Magic

Salesforce Admin Magic

One of the downfalls of being an admin with no coding knowledge is that, well, I can’t write code and in turn can’t write triggers very well. Instead I rely wholly on workflows, and formula fields. Now you may not consider this magic, but anytime that I am not required to write code that has been udderly massacred, I am making magic.

With that in mind, I was asked to give a presentation at the Salt Lake City user group meeting on workflows and formulas. At the link you will find the Prezi that was used for the presentation, it talks about how I utilize standard check-box fields, workflow rules / field updates, and formula fields to create Salesforce magic when grading leads.

While this is an example, it is key to remember that these steps can be utilized in many situations, anywhere from grading leads like the example to calculating record completeness or the lack of follow up.

And naturally if you have any questions, or would like some help with coming up with a solution for a problem your facing, feel free to reach out.

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